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Letter to YRP Chief : Appointment of the new Deputy Chief of Police Robertson Rouse

Chief Eric Jolliffe                                                                                      July 26th 2018
York Regional Police Headquarters
47 Don Hillock Drive
Aurora, ON
L4G 0S7

Re.: The appointment of the new Deputy Chief of Police Robertson Rouse

Dear Chief Jolliffe,

On behalf of the York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities (YRAACC), I commend you and the York Regional Police Services Board for appointing 30-year veteran Robertson Rouse as the newest Deputy Chief of York Regional Police.

The appointment of Superintendent Rouse to his freshly minted post within your executive team is an exceptional choice in light of his considerable body of work over the years and lived experience as a member of an equity seeking racialized community.

The current appointment along with that of Deputy Chief Crawford, are indicative of your thoughtfulness, keen judgement and wholehearted commitment to community (Not to mention, your often–thankless work towards equitable outcomes for all marginalized communities/identities.). The aforementioned appointments are hallmarks of your tenure at the helm of The YRP, our local force ; They are a part of a legacy that will live on in the hearts and minds of many as both senior officers toil to further your vision of inclusion.

We hope the present and future York Regional Police Command Team will amplify your work to enhance–and in many cases–re-imagine the work of the force towards a culture of community engagement, the removal of systemic barriers, the implementation of inclusive services and the hiring and development of a diverse staffing complement despite the current climate.

Your courageous leadership, unwavering integrity and accessibility are centerpieces of what you mean to the region and beyond. You are appreciated!


Lee Miller,


Vision: A cohesive and influential York Region African Canadian Community.
Mission: To facilitate the cultivation of a progressive York Region African Canadian Community, through advocacy, resource development and service delivery as it relates to culture, education, employment, social services and governmental responsibilities. 1070 Major Mackenzie Dr. Richmond Hill, Ontario PO Box 5042 L4S 0B7

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