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York Region African Canadian organization formed to fill void.

On-going community discussions on the formation of an African Canadian organization with a regional perspective, have led to the recent creation of the York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities (YRAACC).

Mobilized by a unified vision, the York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities is now an incorporated non-profit organization.


A cohesive and influential York Region African Canadian community.

YRACC Mission:

To facilitate the cultivation of a progressive York Region African Canadian Community, through advocacy, resource development and service delivery as it relates to culture, education, employment, social services and governmental responsibilities.

The YRAACC was established to build an inclusive, representative and effective community-based entity in York Region; one that would represent the best interests of members of the African Canadian community who reside across all nine municipalities ( Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Whitchurch-Stouffville),

The African Canadian community in York Region is robust, hard working and filled with skills and many assets. However, equitable access to public and social services, meaningful representation and addressing serious issues like systemic racism, structural poverty and violence are serious concerns in York Region for members of the African Canadian community..

As citizens of York Region, we consider ethical transparency, anti-racism, equity, access, inclusion, accountability and respect to be vital in
the cultivation of progressive communities. While we are of the African-Canadian community, we acknowledge and respect all races, religions and cultures.

YRAAC Objectives:

  • To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equity and growth of all citizens of Canada, especially in York Region by evoking civic engagements
  • To advocate for progressive changes on behalf of the diverse communities, especially African-Canadian, on various educational, economic, and social issues.
  • To celebrate and promote the cultural diversity among communities, especially that of African-Canadians.
  • To facilitate, cultivate, and integrate opportunities for equitable access to community resources for York Region African-Canadian residents and employees.

We will achieve these goals by building and maintaining partnerships with other African Canadian organizations as well as other justice -seeking groups in York Region, and the broader Greater Toronto Area.

YRAAC has already begun building a database of York Region residents in order to establish a relationship with as many citizens as possible.

Our immediate priorities include

  1. An advocacy and collaboration focus on child welfare services to African Canadian children, youth and families within both York Region Children’s Aid Society, and Boards of Education
  2. Elderly care as it relates to access for equitable, safe and quality health care services for African Canadian seniors.

For more info contact:
Lee Miller:




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